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This page list down important Verilog / EDA related pages on web.

Rajesh Bawankule's Verilog Center
Verilog Center is an Oracle of Verilog Hardware Description Language and E.D.A. May
you find answers to all your questions.

Surendra Anubolu's ASICDesign Info page 
This page hosts first of its kind online Verilog Simulator and RTL code generators 
for useful functions.

Swapnajit Mittra's "Project Veripage"
One stop source for all Verilog Programming Language Interface (PLI) resources. 

Programmable Logic Jump Station
The ultimate page for Programmable Logic. You name it and it has it basic information on FPGA architectures, pointers to newsgroups, tutorials, books, conferences.........

Veripool : Public Domain Verilog Resources
This site contains links to public domain, shareware, or other no-charge-for-use design resources.

Dr. Daniel C. Hyde's Handbook on Verilog HDL

Gerard Blair's Verilog Introduction for  Digital Design

Other related pages

Please send email to include relevant sites to this page.



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